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So far, yet so close

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Love for Empanadas

Coming from Chile, Japan and Croatia our family is diverse but warmly close for the love of food. We grew up eating and baking empanadas in the neighborhoods of Santiago and love the opportunity to bring this tradition to you each week

What does De Pino mean?

Empanadas de Pino are an iconic food in Chile, dating back to the original conquistadores in the mid 1500s.

The word Pino is derived from the Mapuche word Pinu meaning pieces of cooked meat. Mapuches have Inhabited Chile's southern valley region since the beginning of the first century. Their language is Mapudungun and it's currently spoken by over a million people in southern Chile and southwest Argentina

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"...delicious, and such a treat every time we have them!

If you have not had them yet, trust me and do, you will not be disappointed..."

Nuria C , Bellevue

"...there’s nothing like Empanadery!” My “picky eater” kids all love your delicious empanadas and look forward to devouring them!..."

Qibo I, Sammamish

"...your empanadas are truly exceptional and remind us of our native Chile. If you’re looking for truly comfort food look no further..."

Christian L, Sammamish

"...the handmade dough is soft and delicious. We love both the beef and cheese varieties. Fresh, tasty, and easy to heat and eat!!..."

Sara D, Bellevue

"...if you are looking for delicious food and if they are empanadas, you should buy some from Empanadery because it tastes really good and they put a lot of effort to make them..."

Amanda L (9 years old), Sammamish

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